The Official Pheromoans Fan Club

In recent years several people have asked if there is a mail list for news about the Pheromoans and other related projects, so the time has come to announce the details of the Official Pheromoans Fan Club. This is not a wind up, it was just felt that the best way of communicating would be to use pen and ink to communicate with their followers, by sending out a monthly newsletter, with interviews, competitions, but primarily news relating to the band's plight. (Early days, but there is a small possibility that the front cover of the first newsletter will contain an interview of disgraced royal butler Paul Burrell, for example.)

Below is the official leaflet that is being delivered to people as we speak:

To summarise: Email with the subject matter 'JOIN FAN CLUB' and we will then send through details when they are finalised. We think at the moment that it will be a one-off payment per year of around 5 - 8 pounds in order to cover the costs of printing and posting the materials through. 

Still unsure if this is for you? Why not give it a go for a few months, and if you decide its a waste of time you will receive a partial refund (basically the fee paid minus the cost of whatever printing and posting charges you have incurred since you joined.)

Ninety second update

The Pheromoans will be playing at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club on August 29th, the Southsea Festival on September 20th, & the Recon Festival in Leeds on September 21st. Playing live in order to promote our latest album Hearts of Gold has been difficult as one of our members has moved to Ireland, however we are planning to play more in the future months, and begin work on our next album 'I'm On Nights' which is due to be released on the Alter label in Spring 2015. We did play some gigs over the past few months, but some punters were underwhelmed by the experience and seemed to look upon it as an evening wasted. I would recommend that if they haven't already done so, these people try and seek professional help. Hearts of Gold lyrically was supposed to be part of a trilogy of albums (The Lister, Tin Roof, Hearts of Gold) that document a turbulent period of a fictional character's life. Some reviews of these albums seemed to be written by people in throes of some kind of post-traumatic disorder however. While I didn't expect anyone to notice the theme running through the trilogy, it was instead pointed out on the Internet several times that none of these were punk albums, in the vein of the bald American men from the early 1980's. Again I would recommend that anyone who felt compelled to point this out has more problems than can be realistically blamed on the Pheromoans. Hell yeah!

Hearts Of Gold - released June 10th 2014

Hello, our second album for Upset The Rhythm, H.O.G. is complete and into production, you can pre-order it here.

It contains the following tracks:

1. Coach Trip
2. Vagabond Hits 40
3. Province Baby
4. Dried Out Dreams
5. Chung Said
6. Young Black Eyes

7. Hearts Of Gold
8. The Boys Are British
9. Duxford Airshow
10. Old Curtains
11. Let's Celebrate
12. Little Runaround
13. Laurie's Case

Thanks very much.


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Album now out

Our new album is now out - please go to your nearest shop and demand that they sell you one immediately. Here are some photo's from the album's launch party on Friday in Bethnal Green:

Loughborough put downs

Loughborough Gazette's music column 'Sound Advice' has given our new album a disappointing 2 out of 5. Read the full review here.

NTS radio session

You can listen to this here. A tired and emotional Pheromoans discuss the issues of the day & play some records.

Pheromoans vs Acolytes

Click here to read the article

The Pheromoans are L-R: Scott Reeve, The Octogram, Dan Bolger, Alex Garran, Russell Walker, James Tranmer