"County Lines" LP
Alter Records 2019

"I'm On Nights" LP
Alter Records 2016
Hearts of Gold LP
Upset The Rhythm 2014
Does This Guy Stack Up LP
Upset The Rhythm 2012

It Still Rankles LP
Convulsive Records 2011

Mini LPs

Darby, Joan & Fosters Mini LP
Clan Destine Records 2011
Bar-Rock Mini LP
Monofonus Press 2011
My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint Mini LP
One C Records 2011

7" Records

My Two Careers/Removals Split 7" with Horsebeach
O Genesis Records, 2017

Art Mist EP
Savoury Days 2013

The Midnight Watchdog EP
Sweet Rot Records 2010

Shark Fucks/Government Centre Lathe
Scotch Tapes 2010
A Celebration of Sussex
Split EP with Dan Melchior
Savoury Days 2010

Open For Business EP
Yakisakana Records 2009

The Savoury Days EP
Savoury Days 2009
Revamper 7"
Convulsive Records 2009

Other Formats

If You've Gout It, Flaunt It
Self-released Tour CD 2012

The Second Homeowner
Live at the Old Blue Last
Self-released Tour CD 2010
Self Titled Cassette
Night People 2010
Between The Wine Shop and the Lido
Self-released CDR 2007

Compilation appearances

'Next Year's Buzzard' appears on UTR compilation Upcoming & Rarities, 2019. Recording is from Wedgie Cubist/Robotic Son-era

'Robotic Son' appears on Night School compilation 'Appeal', 2011

'Coffee Town' appears on Savoury Days compilation 'Sill Going In Offices',  2011

'Retro Moods' appears on Clan Destine Compilation 2009 
'The Popularity Files' appears on Methodist Leisure Inc compilation 'Short Attention Span' 2009