The Pheromoans are:

Russell Walker-lyrics, vocals etc. Various other musical projects include The Bomber JacketsCharcoal Owls and The Teleporters. Russell also writes poetry and short fiction through, among others, Savoury Days.

James Tranmer-Guitar, electronics etc. James is a multimedia artist working primarily in sound and visuals. He is one third of The Sticks and has made music under several monikers including TimeronBogen EraseThe Mark (with Iain Paxon) and The Empty Shelves (with R.Elizabeth). James records, mixes and produces all Pheromoans recordings.

Alex Garren-Bass, Guitar etc. Alex has played a pivotal role in anarchopunk linchpins Amateur Ninja Club and was a founding member of Left Wing Scum. 

 Christian Butler-Zanetti-Bass, Guitar etc. Christian is a visual artist and author. His work can be seen here. He is a member of The Teleporters and performs as fringe poet and sage Mad Headed Octogram

Dan Bolger-Keyboards, violin, electronics etc. Dan Bolger is a member of The Bomber Jackets, and records his own material under various monikers including dnbluser9319062 and the BOLG. He has also been a member of ClunesThe Human Race and Jimmy Eat World

Scott Reeve-Drums, percussion, electronics etc. Scott is also a member of Sealings and Soft Walls.